Interim Results 2014

DP Poland PLC (“DP Poland or the “Company”)

Interim Results

for the half year to 30 June 2014

Seven consecutive quarters of double digit like-for-like sales growth and proving the model with a core of consistently profitable stores. Extending sub-franchising and accelerating store roll out into new cities in 2015.

DP Poland has the exclusive right to develop, operate and to sub-franchise Domino’s Pizza stores in Poland. It currently (September 2014) has 18 corporate stores operating in Warsaw and Krakow and 1 sub-franchised store operating in Warsaw.


  • Continuous double digit like-for-like growth over seven consecutive quarters
  • Strong like-for-likes*
    • Like-for-like Store EBITDA (pln) improved by 61%**
    • Like-for-like Sales (pln) up 13%
    • Like-for-like Gross Profit*** (pln) up 10%
    • Like-for-like Order Count up 11%
  • Increasing number of stores EBITDA positive on a monthly basis
  • All Krakow stores performing in line with management’s expectations
  • 1 store opened in Krakow and 2 stores closed in Warsaw, in H1. 1 store opened in Warsaw in August
  • Focus on opening stores in new cities in 2015
  • Continued focus on cost reduction, both central and at the store level
  • Online sales channel accounts for 58% of delivery sales
  • 58,672 Facebook likes as at 30 June 2014, compared to 30,426 as at 30 June 2013
  • Advanced discussions to sell and sub-franchise a number of corporate stores in Warsaw
  • July and August outperformed expectations with like-for-like sales +38% and +43% respectively

Peter Shaw, Chief Executive of DP Poland, said:

“The seventh consecutive quarter of double digit like-for-like sales growth and more stores moving into profit further prove the model for Domino’s Pizza in Poland.

We can see the beginning of that virtuous circle of growing store numbers and reducing food costs that has been central to the success model in Domino’s Pizza markets around the world.

The opportunity now is to open stores in new cities and expand our sub-franchised store base, hand in hand with building brand profile, driving sales and reducing food costs.”

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22 September 2014


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  • Peter Shaw, Chief Executive
  • 020 7418 8900 Peel Hunt
  • Dan Webster
    Richard Brown
    Matthew Armitt

*Like-for-like growth in pln, matching trading periods for the same stores between 1 January and 30 June, 2013 and 1 January and 30 June, 2014 **(£103,040) H1 2014 on (£261,199) H1 2013 at a constant exchange rate of pln5.1116:£1 ***Sales minus food costs

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